Best Services

Strategy Development

We provide needed and accurate strategies for business growth. We develop strategies that matches with your persona and team characteristics to make operation more easier and reachable to many.

Brand Enhancement

Your brand is the most dearest characteristics to your business. U-me strategic solution is here to build up on your image to reach out to many customers. Build brands that create quality value to targeted customers.

Customer Relationship Enhancement / Consultation

Customers are key to business success. We are here to provide accurate methods in handling customer related issues to serve as a competitive edge over others in the market. As well provides consultative guide to businesses.

Market Research

We provide best and accurate market research data that generates accurate strategies for business success. A data that help in evaluation, monitoring and a case for study in business plans development.

Marketing Plan Development

We develop standard marketing plan that guides the general operation of business. We develop what is in your mind.

App and Website Development

We develop app and website for business engagement.

Business Description

Business Overview

U-me strategic solution is in a marketing agency industry, an industry that provides and widen the customer base of companies or businesses in Ghana and the globe at large. The company practices the vertical management system of operation. The ultimate aim is to provide a marketing solution to business problems and provides some level of leverage to new startups in their respective industry of operation

Goals and Objectives

To be the marketing agency to young entrepreneurs in tertiary institution by the end of 2026. To be the best most recommendable marketing agency to young startups in Ghana by end of 2030

Mission :To grow new startup and revive old but dormant business to gain feet in the business world most especially student businesses in Ghana

Vision :To be the best marketing firm / Agency to businesses across the globe.

Core Values




Team Player


Smart Thinkers

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